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Samba Brands Management (SBM) is a front-runner in the hospitality industry, currently managing SUGARCANE raw bar grill® in Miami, Las Vegas, and Brooklyn. The company boasts impressive and unpredictable venues, spearheads visions that set trends in the industry and places an attention to culinary excellence at the foundation of its success.

Our restaurant brands are synonymous with the spirit of authenticity. At Samba Brands Management, enthusiasm is never in short supply and genuine goodness reigns supreme. We believe in cooking that combines heart with soul – always delivered with a sense of sincerity (not just service). While culinary innovation is always coursing through the veins of the talented team behind the burners, good old-fashioned deliciousness is at the core of our success. Extraordinary design, a commitment to al fresco dining (when we can!) and critical acclaim are the icings on the proverbial cake.

With decades of combined restaurant experience, Samba Brands Management continues to expand its cutting-edge concepts. The company endeavors to arm every employee with the tools necessary to succeed in a boundary-pushing environment poised for ongoing global expansion.

Our Managing Partners